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7 Elements to Every Successful Website

There are millions upon millions of successful websites out there that, strangely enough, all have, at Image result for Successful Websiteleast, have certain things in common. Sounds crazy, but every single successful website will tend to have ten elements in common because these are fundamental elements that makes a website a success. For those looking to start and build websites, making sure you tick of this list will be the first steps to pointing your website in the direction. Therefore, without further ado, here are seven elements to every successful website.

  1. A short catchy domain name – The domain name is extremely important to both the awareness of your brand and for SEO purposes too. If you can get one with a keyword in it, then you are onto a SEO winner. Else, it is a good idea to try and keep your brand name as short as possible.
  2. Niche/high quality content – When you create a website you need to look at what your competition, if any, are doing already. Copying categories and doing something that has already been done will not help your website become successful. You need to make sure your website offers something new to the internet.
  3. A great About page – It is crucial to always have an About page on your website since web users are very nosy and like to know the back stories of websites that they land onto. Without an About page, the connection between yourself and the web user breaks down, reducing confidence in the web user towards your website. Remember you have nothing to hide!
  4. A great website theme – Every great website will have a great website theme, that enables web users to flow through the website intuitively and easily. With most websites that are created, they will have purchased a theme, such as a WordPress theme. However, if you really want to push the boat, you can always hire someone to design your own unique theme, which, of course, will be a bit more expensive.
  5. Fast loading – The best websites will always load below the average loading speed of the internet. The quicker a website loads, the longer websites will naturally stay on the website. This will depend on the hosting platform you have and what bandwidth you have from and to your host servers.
  6. A great navigation menu – The point of a navigation menu is to make sure the web user can access any part of your website just from the navigation menu. With this, the ones that tend to work best are those with hover actions on top of them, to expand the options available to the web user.
  7. Responsive – With websites now being viewed by a range of different internet-enabled devices, the most successful websites prepare for this by having responsive websites, that change and adapt the theme and design to suit the screen size the web user is viewing the website on.

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