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5 Ways to Monetize a Website in 2018

If you have a website or blog generating traffic, then congratulations because the majority of the hard work has been done because you cannot monetize a website without it receiving traffic.

The problem comes with choosing what form of monetization strategy you should use to gain the most revenue from your website’s traffic. With this, here are the top 5 ways to generate money for a website in 2018.



5 Ways to Monetize a Website

#1 PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising is, by far, the best way to generate revenue from traffic that is not specifically targeted and is gaining good amounts of traffic.

With this, you can go down the standard route of using Google Adsense. However, I would recommend giving Ezoic a go, who are a certified Adsense partner that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically optimize adverts to generate the most revenue from yourself.



#2 Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising works best when you are relating to a product or service that you are talking about, such as a review or a topic of conversation that requires the web user to purchase something to join in the conversation (such as a forum about a Netflix original series).

When used correctly, affiliate advertising can be extremely profitable. Amazon affiliate allows you to also gain commission on any sales made from the shopping basket that you referred for the web user. Therefore, the sky is the limit.



#3 Native Advertising

Native advertising is an emerging form of advertising that has generated publicity mainly from social media sites implementing it. It is a form of advertising that embeds right into the structure and format of the website or platform, so it blends extremely well with the content already on the website. For this reason, web users mistake the sponsored adverts/content for actual content quite a lot of the time, resulting in a very good click through rate generated.



#4 Banner Advertising

Banner advertising, to some extent, is an ancient way of generating revenue for your website. But, what banner advertising has which all other forms do not is that it can monetize areas of a website that simply would fail miserably with any other form of advertising. For example, having 125×125 adverts at the bottom of the website would perform terribly for PPC as the exposure level of such a location is poor.



#5 Private Advertising

If you have enough traffic going to your website, then you will naturally attract private advertising. This is where people contact you directly to advertise, such as using your contact page. This can prove very profitable, since private deals tend to allow negotiations between you and the advertiser. On top of this, good partnerships can result in long term advertising deals, potentially months or years long, that will help to provide your website a long term solution to monetizing it.

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