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5 Ways to Make a Tweet Go Viral

It’s every business’s dream to have that one tweet that goes viral. A viral tweet is extremely powerful from Image result for viral tweetthe fact that the exposure it gets could be thousands, if not millions – typically, to get such exposure through Twitter advertising would, pretty much, cost you an arm and a leg.

What is the formula to getting a tweet to go viral? Well, unfortunately, there is no formula as of such. Instead, here are some tips you can put into your tweets to increase the likelihood of it getting shared, starting off a chain reaction of shares until it becomes viral.



Include Emotion

Emotion is important in a tweet, since it allows the user to understand, on a top level, how the tweet will make them feel, at a glance, without even reading or watching the content. It is also important due to the fact that it is emotion that connects people – we all feel similar emotions in similar situations. Therefore, if you add an emotion to the tweet that will be the same as the Twitter user’s when reading/watching the tweet, they feel they have already related more to the tweet content.



Tweet at the Right Time

Different times of the day and times during the week will affect how much success your tweet will get to going viral. For example, 6am on a Monday morning is going to get less engagements than the same tweet posted at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon.

As a general rule of thumb, mid-morning to mid-mid afternoon from Monday – Thursday is usually the best time to tweet, due to the lunch breaks people have at their desks on their phones etc.



Ask for a Retweet

Call to actions are a critical part to internet marketing. What they do, in just a few words, is tell the web user what to do, which usually results in the conversion you want.

Asking for a retweet or like will significantly improve the chances of your tweet getting retweets and likes. If you are to ask, make sure you ask at the end of the tweet, so the Twitter users can read the content first before being asked to retweet/like a tweet they have’t yet engaged with.



Make Sure its Quality Content

Above everything, the most important factor to making sure a tweet goes viral is that the tweet’s content is actually good enough to be viral. Not every tweet posted can go viral because, at the end of the day, most of the tweets that are tweeted are just not entertaining or interesting enough!



Use Hashtags

Embedding 1-3 hashtags in your tweet about something that is getting a lot of attention on Twitter will work as a catalyst to your tweet going viral. As stated, it would be more effective to embed the hashtags into your content, such as ‘Check out this Ferrari drifting around Silverstone! #Ferrari #Silverstone # Supercase’ could be shortened to ‘Check out this #Ferrari drifiting around #Silverstone! #Supercar’.

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