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5 Ways to Encourage More Comments on Blog Posts

There are numerous benefits to getting your audience to comment onto your blog posts. For one, it startsImage result for commenting by providing yourself motivation to continue blogging, since you will be blogging to an audience that is interacting with you. Commenting can enlighten you to feedback too, both negative and positive (where the negative, no matter how harsh, can still improve you as a writer). It can also help with SEO, and assist other web users by answering questions that maybe your blog post/s did not go into enough detail with. For this reason, it is always a good idea to try to get web users to comment on your posts. Here are a few ways how to do this.



Ask Questions throughout the Content

What you do not want to do is produce content where the web user feels like you are telling them something and that is it. It is not a teacher talking to a student. It should be two individuals theoretically bouncing ideas off one another to get commenting to occur. This can be achieved by asking questions throughout your content. For example, if you go into detail about sometime, it could be worth asking a question what the web user thinks and whether anything else needs to be mentioned? From reading the question/s, there should be an immediate urge to respond to this with a comment.



Always Respond to Comments

When you have a comment that passes moderation, you should always respond to it. This has the following benefits:

  • If a web user sees that you respond to every comment posted, they are much more likely to comment, since they feel they are very likely to gain a reply from you. This will convince them further to comment on future blog posts too.
  • It shows that you respect and want to converse with your audience. After all, a lot of blogging is sharing ideas and thoughts with one another – some of the best content, for that matter, can sometimes be in the comments and not the blog post itself!
  • It encourages web users to comment on each other’s posts, causing commenting to potentially exponentially increase.



Comment Subscription Enabled

If you want to encourage conversations to occur in comments, it is important to make sure web users are able to subscribe to comments. After all, how else are they meant to know when a comment has been placed or someone has replied to their comment?



Update Posts to Reflect Comments

A great way to get people to comment is to let the comments actually influence your content. For example, if someone commented a really interesting or good point that you felt would be better suited in the content, rather than on, say, page 200 of a comment list, then add it in! People reading the content will then see that commenting can actually affect the content, providing the incentive to comment their own thoughts.

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