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5 Useful Affiliate Advertising Tips

Affiliate advertising, if you take pay per click advertising out of the question, is regarded as one of theImage result for amazon affiliate best ways to make money online. The revenue that could be produced through affilaite advertising can provide high levels of revenue for which, in some cases, even PPC cannot achieve. For this reason, it is vital to a website that has affiliate links on it to optimise them ot make sure they are producing the highest conversion rate as possible, within reason. With this, here are some useful affiliate advertising tips.


Before going into the tips, it should be noted that you should never promote something with the intention of making money from it by altering your opinion of it. Reviews should be objective. If they are influenced by money, then the trust and importance of the review, to the web user, will decrease (reducing the affilaite link’s conversion rate). Therefore, it is in your interest to stay as honest as possible when performing affiliate advertising:

  1. Aim for high end products – You could review and talk about books. However, if your comission is 5%, a $10 book will only ever generate you a maximum of $0.50 a time. Compare this to, say, a high end laptop that is worth $1000, at the same comission level, that will generate you $50! Yes, you are probably going to sell more books than laptops since they are cheaper. However, are you really going to sell 100 books for every one laptop? Most times out of ten, you will not.
  2. Share pros and cons to products – This might sound crazy. However, continuing with transparency, a review that is more transparent and says it ‘as it is’ will gain more trust than a subjective review that wants to make money. Therefore, by sharing the cons alongside the pros, you are providing a better review for which will, in fact, improve the chances of a conversion happening.
  3. Affiliate many articles – Affiliate advertising works best when you have hundreds of articles that each have affiliate links on them. For this reason, the more articles and content that have affiliate links, the more likely you will gain more conversions.
  4. Localize affiliate links – One of the problems with affiliate advertising is that the landing page of an affiliate link should depend on where the web user is located. For example, someone from India will not want to click onto an Amazon.com link or a Amazon.co.uk link. Therefore, it is a good idea to localise your link with software that changes the link upon determining where in the world the web user comes from, to match their location.
  5. For Amazon, work on getting people onto the site is sometimes enough – The great thing about Amazon’s affiliate service is that if you get the web user into buying something, such as a book, you will get commission for it. However, you will also get commission for every other product that person buys while browsing Amazon from your affiliate link. Therefore, if they buy a $1000 laptop as well as your book, you will get commission from the book too! Sometimes, it is a good idea to try and get web users onto websites such as Amazon as easily as possible with the chance of this happening.

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