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5 Smartphone Apps Every Blogger Should Use

Although blogging is a dominated by being at a computer desk with a computer or laptop, there will Image result for blogging appsalways be times when website owners and bloggers will need to continue their activities away from the desk. For many, anything relating to blogging cannot be done away from the desk. However, we are living in 2017 – smartphones don’t have bezels anymore! Here are some crucial apps you should install on your smartphone so that when you are out and about, you can still carry on your blogging career.



#1 WordPress

Of course, this is a given: if you have a WordPress website. The official app from WordPress gives you all of the access you need to your website through WordPress, enabling you to see statistics, moderating comments, post content and more.



#2 Blogger

Depending if you have a Blogger blog will, of course, depend if you need this app. If you do, it has very similar functionality that the WordPress app has. You can post content, look at stats, moderate comments again and more to keep your website running while you are out and about.



#3 SwiftKey

Let’s be honest, there will be some people reading this thinking ‘these apps just assist with the trivial elements to running a website and blogging’. However, you can blog on your smartphone if you have the right keyboard to understand what you want to type fast. SwiftKey is a great app that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn the habits you have whilst typing, so that the autocorrect is more accurate, enabling you to type very fast…fast enough to even blog from your smartphone.



#4 Google Analytics

It is always useful to analyse the performance of your website or blog. However, I tend to find that while I am at the desk, I always having something that bit more important to do which prevents me from diving into the Google Analytics of my website.

That is why it is the perfect app to have on your smartphone. When you are waiting on a train or doing something tedious out and about, that is when it is the perfect time to let 10-20 minutes fly away by looking at the stats of your website through the app, helping you to understand where the strengths and weakenesses of your website are.



#5 Trello

If you are not using Trello already, I would highly recommend you give them a try as soon as possible. Trello allows you to organise your online life, assign tasks to people, make notes and more. All in all, this makes it the perfect app to accompany a blogger through their career.

For example, the numerous amounts of times I have had very good blogging ideas and have used Trello to take note of them to save for when I am at a desk makes it invaulable to me, as it is for other bloggers too.

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