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5 Must Have Tech Products of 2017

Although we are over a month into 2018, never has it been a better time to look back at the previous year and assess what were the top picks for tech products of the year. It is far too common for people to see new products released and just admire them. With this, here are the 5 tech products that you should of or still should buy, even though they were released in 2017 or even before 2017.


Google Home or Home Mini

The smart home speaker tech market is definitely intensifying with the main two contenders coming from Google and Amazon. Even though the range of products Amazon offers in this market far outweighs Google’s, we can’t help but think Google’s home speaker AI, Google Assistant, works better than Amazon’s Alexa, and is better connected with your Google account and surrounding environment. Since Google Home and Home Mini update automatically, it still a great idea to buy one now.


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released around a year ago and took the gaming market by storm: so much so that the games console was sold out for months and exceeded expectations of Nintendo completely. With games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wilde, Super Mario Kart 8 and more, it is the perfect time to purchase a Switch. Last year, there was limited games with the Switch. Now that a year has gone past, there is plenty enough games to keep you occupied.


Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was one of the first smartphones, apart from the LG G6, that introduced a bezeless screen. The specs of the S8 are truly amazing, along with the beautiful edge-t0-edge screen. The current rumors surrounding the Samsung Galazy S9 seem to indicate that the externals will stay the same, with the biggest changes happening inside (such as the processor). For this reason, you could easily pick up an S8, at potentially have the price of RRP when it was released, making it a bargain buy.


Playstation VR

The Playstation VR was actually released late 2016. However, the VR tech has only become affordable to the mass market this year. With a great selection of games to use Sony’s virtual reality kit with, the Playstation VR is a great buy that can, relatively cheaply, push you into the VR gaming experience, unlike what the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can do.

Playstation VR Tech


OnePlus 5

Although this list does have two smartphones on it, the OnePlus 5 was such a good smartphone that if you did not want a Samsung Galaxy S8, then the OnePlus 5 is the smartphone to get. Having been released for a few months, the price will have reduced, making it a complete bargain. The specs and tech of the OnePlus 5 mean it will still be insanely quick: even when compared to 2018 flagship smartphones.

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