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5 Exciting VR Games for 2018

With virtual reality headsets one of the must-have tech gadgets of 2017, we are at the point in gaming technology where the new technology is becoming affordable to the mass market. Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive are all dropping in prices to something reasonable for consumers to afford. Now that VR is now affordable, this means the market is literally flooding with new games for consumers to try out their VR headsets with. Without further ado, here are the most exciting and anticipated games of 2018 to work with virtual reality hardware.



The Walking Dead VR

One genre that has really excelled at VR is the horror genre. Games such as Resident Evil have proven to Image result for walking dead vrbe great hits with VR and it looks as if The Walking Dead are looking to jump on such a bandwagon. Although not much has been released about this horror VR game, it is currently in the works and will utilize the story and zombie apocalypse environment to get the user right into the action.



The Inpatient

Another horror game, The Inpatient works on the ‘butterfly’ effect where every decision you make will affect the outcome to the story. With extremely good graphics and a sense of horror where you control the story, quite literally, this is a game that will get the best of people scared.



Ace Combat 7

The majority of games that head on over to VR are generally first person horrors or shooters. However, with Ace Combat, you are high in the skies as a pilot having duals with other jet fighters over beautiful scenery. This is a very different game to the rest of the VR games out there, making it a game that has gained a lot of excitement.



ARK Park

ARK Park is an adventure game where you are inside a dinosaur environment, similar to that of Jurassic park. The visuals are stunning and be able to transport yourself into such an environment (such as one with dinosaurs) is something many consumers will enjoy.



Bravo Team

Bravo Team is a first person shooter that utilizes co-operative play online to shoot your way through a European fictional war. Although it is by no means a Call of Duty replacement, it is one of the few first person shooters that really lives up to the limelight of being a solid first person shooter for virtual reality.


Whilst there are some other very exciting VR games that are coming out, it must be said that the market is still very small with VR games. Such games the consumers would love to see include:

  • Call of Duty VR
  • Fifa VR
  • Guitar Hero VR
  • Grand Theft Auto VR
  • Uncharted VR
  • Assasin’s Creed VR

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