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4 Things to Include in Email Marketing

Email marketing is something that has the potential to reallly push a website into success. But, at the Image result for email marketingsame time, it seems to be something that is ‘optional’ to do and not a neccessity. I can understand this, to some extent. For example, is it more important to publish new, high quality content or to reach out and attract an audience to communicate through email? On the one hand, you gain an audience. But, on the other hand, articles with long term SEO probably do sound more attractive to gain traffic and make a success from.

Regardless of this, email marketing, when used correctly, can be devastingly effective to aid a website or business. With this, here are five things to include in emails you create to market to your audience and target market.


#1 Business address at the bottom

Including an address either for your business or your personal address (if you are not email marketing for a business) is a legal requirement for anyone that is marketing using email. Therefore, it needs to be included in this article since if you are not doing it, you could potentially get into trouble!


#2 Two or three page links at the bottom

As with the bottom of emails, you will tend to find things such as the business address and an unsubscribe button. Just above that, it is effective to include some buttons which allows the user to click onto key links to your website. For example, I have found it useful to include three links as buttons, at the bottom of emails, such as:

  • Contact
  • About
  • (whatever page you think is useful to the web user)

From adopting this, it pushes people to your website and key pages before they have the chance to scroll lower to see the unsubscribe button – we do not want the web user to see this so putting buttons above it to direct their attention away from unsubscribing can help to maintain your audience.


#3 A Beautiful image

Just like with pay per click advertising landing pages, it is a good idea to have an image on your email to split up the content and to keep the web user’s attention. After all, we can all understand that email marketing might be a bit tedious to the web user – it is a lot of content, potentially, to read.

Therefore, breaking this up with a different image for every email is one way of retaining the attention of the web user.


#4 An offer

If you want the web user to do something for you for free, you are going to have trouble achieving this: this applies to email marketing especially. For this reason, it is a good idea to offer something to the web user, to make them feel special, such as a unique discount code, a friendly mention or something that will benefit them. This will give the web user more reasons to stay updated with you by email.

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