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4 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 8 over the iPhone X

Last week was quite a big week for Apple as they celebrated ten years of iPhones with the launch of threeImage result for iphone 8 models: the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. The iPhone X is Apple’s best ever smartphone to date, with some quite interesting new technology and looks to go with it. However, is it worth waiting for the iPhone X in November or is all the hassle surrounding it, well, not worth it? The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are very good smartphones still. With this, here are four reasons to buy the iPhone 8 over the iPhone X.



Same Internals

The iPhone 8 has exactly the same internals as the iPhone X, with the new A11 Bionic chip and M11 motion coprocessor. The only different between the two is how the smartphones uses the internals (the iPhone X uses the internals for features such as Face ID, which the iPhone 8 does not have).

Saying this, the new iPhone X has a higher resolution screen than the iPhone 8. Therefore, the graphics performance of the iPhone 8 is likely to be that bit better than the iPhone X, with smooth animations, if ever either phone lags.



Touch ID

As much as Face ID has been made to appear as better in every way as opposed to Touch ID, there are still a lot of people that are not convinced by Apple’s new technology – some have even said that Apple have implemented Face ID onto the iPhone X simply because Touch ID could not be integrated into the screen as was planned.

Face ID still has some major concerns over Touch ID such as:

  • Face ID can only work if the front sensors can see your face, unlike Touch ID.
  • Face ID can only work if your face is not covered, unlike Touch ID.
  • Face ID requires the web user to swipe up on the screen, which could be a little more tedious and longer to do over time than clicking the home button.


iPhone 8 comes with Fast/Wireless Charging

Just like the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 comes both with faster charging through the lightning cable as well as the ability to wirelessly charge. This makes the iPhone 8 the first readily available iPhone that has come with wireless charging…ever.



The iPhone 8 will cost $700, 8 Plus $800 and the iPhone X $1,000.

With this, people will be asking themselves what exactly they get more with the iPhone X that warrants paying an extra $300 as opposed to the iPhone 8. Yes, the screen is bezel-less and there is Face ID. But, apart from that, the smartphones are near enough identical, with the same internals, near-enough the same rear cameras, same front camera and same operating system.

It is an interesting question, which will be answered differently – most people that will buy the iPhone X will be those that are die-hard Apple fans, those who want the best of the best and those who want to make a statement from a smartphone, which like it is becoming a thing…

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