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3 Highlights to CES 2018

It is the start of 2018 which only means one thing for those interested in technology. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is well under way in Las Vegas which brings with it a whole range of different new and exciting technology to share and show with the public. With this, here are three highlights to CES 2018.



#1 Vivo’s Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

It’s a first for the smartphone industry that Vivo have done. They have won the title of being the first company to embed a fingerprint sensor underneath of the screen.

The way this works is through using an OLED panel (as LCD back-lighting means it cannot work with LCD) where a synaptic optical sensor scans the finger print of users through the individual gaps between each OLED pixels. From this, the fingerprint can be deduced and the phone unlocked.

The fingerprint sensor is slowler to unlock than others, from the likes of OnePlus, for example. However, even though a little slower, it is something that is going to change the smartphone industry for the better.



#2 Nvidia

Nvidia are a company to watch, as they are continually pushing forward with most graphics chips and even the automotive industry for self-driving vehicles. Nvidia announced a whole line-up of chips to work with autonomous driving. As well as this, they announced a huge new gaming monitor which is 65 inches in size, 4K in resolution and a refresh rate of 120 hertz…wow…



#3 Google Promotion at CES

CES 2017, in terms of artificial intelligence and home speakers, was completely dominated by Amazon’s Alexa. The fact Alexa could be used with a whole range of appliances meant that Amazon developed huge PR for Alexa without even having to pay for promotion. This could be seen to be a factor why Amazon take up around 70% of the market for smart-speakers.

Google took note of this and heavily invested in CES 2018 to promote Google Assistant. This can be seen with banners and advertising everywhere, to even a huge gum ball machine with goodies inside each ball for the public of CES. Whether this will work to Google’s favor is still another question, as they would have spent a considerable amount of money on such an advertising campaign.



#3 Razer’s New Gaming Laptop

When it comes to gaming laptops, a lot of people will turn to Razer to buy such a laptop, with the specs and hardware they need. What Razer have done at CES is make a gaming laptop that makes the gaming experience even better.Razer Project Linda

Project Linda, as Razer defined it as, is a way for gamers to bring the gap between mobile gaming and laptop gaming. The laptop Razer showcased has a space for the Razer smartphone to mount, by USB Type-C, where the track-pad usually goes, so there are now two screens to interact with the game, much like the Nintendo DS.

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