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3 Big Problems with the Nintendo Switch

Without doubt, the Nintendo Switch has been a huge highlight for Nintendo this year as it surpassed all Image result for nintendo switchexpectation the company had with their latest console. Although it was released earlier in the year, it has only been till around August/September 2017 that the Switch has become readily available, in stock, at most stores.

Already, we have made clear of some of the main pros and cons associated to the Nintendo Switch after using it for more than a month. As much as the article went into some of the cons of the Nintendo Switch, it did not really bring to light all of the problems: especially since it was only one month into using the Switch. With this, here are the main problems the Nintendo Switch faces.



#1 It’s Expensive

Although the Switch is the only console that can be played on the big screen as well as portable, it is still very expensive when compared to what the competition is bringing. For example, for a similar, if not cheaper, price, you could have a PS4, Xbox One or even the next-gen PS4 Pro and next-gen Xbox. These consoles are pushing the graphics to the limit and come with a whole range of games available to download and purchase on a larger hard drive. When you compare consoles buck for buck, you have to question how much are you willing to pay for a portable games console?



#2 Lack of a Future

Unfortunately, the Switch looks to have a bleak future.

Already, Call of Duty have stated they will not make a game for the Switch, simply because the console cannot handle the high graphics power Call of Duty requires. The only game that has made it onto the switch that is big, as a third party, is Fifa 18. However, with this, the graphics have evidently been reduced significantly to get the game onto the Switch.

The problem is that there is no scope for a good future for the Switch, especially if third parties feel the console cannot handle the graphics power the games require. On top of this, you have the likes of Xbox and Sony with virtual reality headsets for their games, which is something the Switch will never be able to do.



#3 Storage

Yes, you can purchase the actual games etc. However, if you want to download the game right onto the Switch, you might get stuck after one or two downloads.

The Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB SSD, which is rather small when you consider games, such as Fifa 18, take up 15GB straight away. Therefore, you are likely going to have to buy a micro-SD card slot, adding to the cost and frustration of such a low amount of storage for, what is supposed to be, a living room console.

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