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25 Pros and Cons to the Google Pixel 2

Google’s new approach to smartphones did mean the Nexus brand ended last year and was replaced withImage result for pixel 2 the Pixel: a smartphone completely made by Google with the highest ever rated camera, top specs and the latest Android stock software. A year has gone by and Google have released the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, both of which improve upon last year, increasing the specs in just about every area. However, are they great smartphones that should be considered when purchasing your next smartphone? To help you with this decision, here are the main pros and cons to the Pixel 2.



  1. Includes the latest Android stock operating system – Android Oreo
  2. Charging is USB Type-C with support for quick charging
  3. There is a finger print sensor, unlike Apple’s iPhone X
  4. It is water resistant up to IP68
  5. Highest rated smartphone camera (on the rear)
  6. Squeezable frame to open Google Assistant
  7. Entry model has 64GB of storage
  8. Specs inside are the latest, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and a Adreno 540 GPU
  9. It has a 5.6 inch full HD display
  10. A large 3,220 mAh battery, along with optimized software, for a long battery life
  11. Amazing performance
  12. No camera bump on the rear
  13. A great quality premium-feeling phone
  14. Operating system updates always come to Pixel phones first
  15. 4GB of RAM



  1. A very ‘2016’ design for a smartphone
  2. No wireless charging, unlike the new iPhones and Samsungs
  3. The front chins are still incredibly large, even for 2015/6!
  4. Quite expensive, starting at $649
  5. The finger print sensor, being on the back, may annoy some users
  6. There is no option to expand storage
  7. There is no headphone jack (which is ironic considering Google made a big deal out of keeping the headphone jack on the original Pixel last year)!
  8. Single SIM, unlike the likes of the OnePlus 5
  9. There are still side-bezels around the screen, unlike most of 2017’s smartphones.
  10. Non-removable battery



The main USP to Google smartphones comes with the operating system, where the consumer can expect to always have the latest and greatest software from Google, with it always being stock Android. For many, this is enough to buy the newest Pixel every year.

However, Google ditched the Nexus line up, which targeted mid-range smartphones, and opted for the high-end premium segment to target the likes of Apple and Samsung. The problem is that, to do this, the smartphones they release need to also have the designs that compete against Apple and Samsung.

Yes, the Pixel 2 is squeezable. However, the front chin on the Pixel 2 is almost criminal to have in 2017. Will people still buy it? Yes. But, I can imagine more people would rather pay a little more for the Pixel 2 XL ‘2017’ design than the Pixel 2.

Ultimately, forgetting the design, the Pixel 2 is a brilliant smartphone. The camera is the best ever on a smartphone. If you can get over the bezels on the front of the phone, then Google might be onto another winner of a smartphone.

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